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Q and A
(09-19-2017, 05:25 PM)Chris Wrote: I want to drive down the road with one arm out each window!

I'd do that once, just to celebrate Solo. It's probably an illegal hand-signal to say nothing of checking the steering alignment... Might confuse motorists who still remember what those are. Confused

Solo will cause the world to adjust. Imagine a police officer shouting an order to exit via the driver-side door... Imagine jurisdictions considering whether or not to add another lane to a roadway... Imagine bunches of "small car" spots in car parks... Imagine parking two Solos at one parking meter... Imagine a 3-car garage holding 6 Solos... Imagine insurance companies offering multi-car discounts... Imagine tire-companies offering 3 for the price of 2 discounts... Imagine homes built with smaller garages and doors to match Solo... Solo, the good life.
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Hello all,
At the start of this thread #1  a list was given of the know EMV SOLO Data:

As of today Please check to verify content

Electra Meccanica Vehicles Corp.

Office 102 East First Avenue, Vancouver, BC Canada V5T 1A4
Factory 47 Braid Street, New Westminster, BC Canada

Certification Canadian - NO
               U.S. - NO

Classification Canadian - Motorcycle
               U.S. - Motorcycle

Larger scale production of the SOLO will begin by the end of the first half of 2018. 

2017 EMV Solo Technical Data

Acceleration 130 km/h / 80 MPH est*
               0-100 km/h (0-60 MPH): 8 seconds est*

Accessories Heated seat is available as a $400 option
               A/C is available as a $1000 option
               A lturbo chord level 2 charger is available as a $500 option

Battery System    Battery Chemistry: Lithium Ion
                   Energy capacity (kWh) 16.1

Brake           Regenerative braking

Cargo Cargo Space: 285 Liters (10 ft³ / 17,390 in³ / 75.29 gallons)
       Carpeted Trunk

Charger Connector Type J1772 Universal Connector

Charging Time 3 hours/220V
               6 hours/110V

Colors Body Titanium Silver
                Electric Red
               Raven Black
               Arctic White

Colors Rims Anthracite Gray
                Platinum Silver

Dimensions Length 120 in (3.04 m)
               Width: 47.6 in (1.21 m) - at the front wheels
               Height: 50.5 in (1.28 m)
               Wheelbase: 80.5 in (2.04 m)
               Ground Clearance: 7 in (0.1778 m)

Doors Both(R & L) functioning driver doors
       Automatic opening  hatch

Drag Coefficient 0.24

Electric Drive Type: AC Synchronous Electric Motor
               Power (kW / hp): 16.1 kWh Lithium Ion Battery
               Torque: (lb-ft / Nm): 140 ft-lbs torque
               Drivetrain - Rear Wheel Drive

Exterior Bi-Halogen Headlamps
       Heated External Mirrors
       Two Speed Windshield Wipers

Interior LCD Digital Instrument Cluster
       Sirius XM ready AM/FM radio head unit with CD, Bluetooth and USB
       Adjustable Cloth Covered Seat
        Heating, Defogger and Ventilation System
        Rear View Backup Camera
        Remote Keyless Entry
        Power Windows

Motor Information Rear Wheel Drive
                       Type: AC Synchronous Electric Motor
                       Electric Motor Power Output: Up to 82 hp

Occupancy                single occupant

Overall Vehicle Weight Curb Weight: 450 kg/ 992 lbs est*
Construction:                      Lightweight Aerospace Composite Chassis

Safety 3 Wheel Disc Brakes
       Electric Parking Brake
       Daytime Running Lights
       Crumple zones are aluminum
       Body panels  of carbon fiber

Wheels 155-60 R15 (Front)  Continental All Season
       175-55 - R15 (Rear)  Continental All Season

Thanks in advance for corrections
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(09-22-2017, 06:47 PM)Lynn D Wrote: Thanks in advance for corrections

I see three points that need correction in the list.

  1. There's been a discussion of the charging times and Jerry did answer a question about that in the last CEO update. At 120V 6h charging definitely will not go from 0-100% charge but it will almost certainly top up a battery for the typical commuter. At 240V 3h charging is possible but it depends on the circuitry in Solo. Nissan charges extra for 3h charges in Leaf even for 240V. We asked what the charging current/power for Solo was and did not receive an answer. Some owner or test-driver may have to supply us that data. Leona, the first owner, finds she's always at 100% charge when she sets out after as little as 2h charging. 3h/6h is an annoying little spec if you ask me but most people don't care.
  2. In Canada, Solo is a Three Wheeled Vehicle and it will have its own set of safety standards different from the usual passenger car and motorcycles. In USA, it's a motorcycle but may be classed differently as an AutoCycle if recent moves in states actually are implemented.
  3. The mass is now about 1380 pounds due to moving from a Sparrow-like body and smaller battery to the Solo body and larger battery. Also, the crush-zones and steering and brakes have been tweaked over the last few years. It's still a small easy to drive car compared to the tons of bricks that are other ICEd and EV cars.
Missing are specs about winter driving. Nissan, for instance, recommends against use/storage below -15C. I guess a heated garage or even a tarp and heater would do wonders as long as trips could be kept short. It may be that some commuters for January/February might have to use an ICE. That would be sad but Jerry or someone did say they are looking at heating/cooling the battery to take care of this albeit at reduced range as the energy to heat the battery comes from the battery once Solo is off the charger. I wish EMV had an operator's manual and put it on line so potential buyers could see what it's like to be an owner. Most of us know the horrors of ICEd vehicles. I'm sure a couple of points about care and feeding of batteries would not scare people off. It's just that we should know the details before buying the car.
My blog is an eclectic list of rants and commentary about things for which I care. See It's been around a decade...
Adjustment to my spread sheet as of October CEO update.

Radio still listed without the Sirus upgrade on EMV Solo home page.

Air conditioning will be available on early models.
Patent pending: Battery Temperature control system tested -40C/-40 deg F to +50C/122 deg F
Welcome to The Solo Owners and Future Owners Forum.
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