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Hydrogen Cars Coming
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(10-28-2017, 05:59 AM)DiscjockeyDale Wrote:

Hydrogen has some big advantages and some big disadvantages. It's unlikely anyone will be able to fuel up with hydrogen at home from a storage tank but they might have some huge electrolytic system out in the garage to do it overnight. It's a bit like a BEV with separate charge and discharge systems. The charging system is where the hydrogen is produced. The discharge system is in the vehicle.

Storage of hydrogen in a vehicle is difficult. A strong high-pressure tank can work but is bulky and heavy because hydrogen is difficult to liquefy. It remains a gas at reasonable pressures. A better way is to use a chemical reaction to bind hydrogen to a metal or some molecule, forming a hydride (link). It could be a decade or more before a standard way of handling hydrogen for vehicles is decided. Then there are few filling stations.

Hydrogen makes good sense in stationary applications where the problems mentioned above can be overcome by just making things bigger. Hydrogen scales up well but not in systems as small as cars.
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Hydrogen will never be a success as automobil fuel. It does not pollute when driving, but the big amount of energy you need to produce hydrogen pollutes. Unless you use solar or wind energy.

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