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EMV & Fossil-Free Cities
Email from EVM...

Electra Meccanica Joins in Support of International Fossil Fuel-Free Cities Pledge

VANCOUVER, Oct. 25, 2017 - ElectraMeccanica Vehicles Corp. (“Electra Meccanica” or the “Company”), manufacturer of the all-electric SOLO commuter car and all-electric Tofino sport convertible, is pleased to announce that the Company has joined with Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson in support of the International Fossil Fuel-Free Cities Pledge.

“As a preeminent company designing and engineering electric vehicles, we couldn’t be more pleased that our city’s Mayor has taken this step toward the eventual elimination of tailpipe emissions from our city’s vehicle fleets,” said Jerry Kroll, CEO, of Electra Meccanica. “Mayor Robertson’s leadership in this area is a testament to his hard work and dedication in positioning Vancouver as a leader in the global clean energy space.”

The pledge was signed at the C40 Cities conference in Paris on Monday, October 23rd, and promotes buying only electric buses starting in 2025. Additionally, the pledge calls for cities to progressively abandon combustion engines completely by 2030 in a joint fossil-fuel-free streets declaration.

Vancouver joined other cities, including London, Paris, Seattle, Auckland, Barcelona, Cape Town, Copenhagen, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Milan and Quito, in a pledge to make major areas within their municipalities emissions-free by 2030.
(10-25-2017, 01:01 PM)DiscjockeyDale Wrote: Email from EVM...

Electra Meccanica Joins in Support of International Fossil Fuel-Free Cities Pledge

I find that a strange pledge, like me promising to lose weight in 2030... It's an easy pledge to make and likely someone else will have to do the hard work of making it happen.

Why cannot Vancouver just start buying EVs and creating charging stations now and ramp up as familiarity/capacity builds? I plan to buy one EV in 2018. I can see getting a second one in 2019 if Solo performs as expected. I would be silly to plan to buy two in 2025 or whatever. That just makes little sense. The benefits of owning and operating EVs start flowing immediately. Why wait?
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If you promise to lose weight by 2030 better start now or it ain't going to happen.  I suspect it's the same with EVs a gradual start now and phase out fossil fuels by 2030.  Sure isn't going to happen overnight.  Range increases while battery cost decreases over time so it becomes more affordable and mainstream for the masses.
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