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Over the shoulder EM drive
Oh well. It looks like Joe beat me too it.  He got EM to record an over the shoulder video then he posted it on his Youtube channel.   It was posted today.   Here is the link.
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Good video. Horrible sound at times. EMV should invest in a noise-cancelling headset mike.

That's about the best view we've seen of the cockpit in operation. It confirms my belief that Solo is the car I want but we still lack data like range v speed, range v temperature, charging etc. I know the target market is "commuters" but I'm a geek and I need to know...
Joe needs to let people know that they don't have to type in "Joe Knows" to be part of the referral program and get a $100 referral discount for everyone who uses their reservation #.

He also needs to let them know that Joe himself is getting a $100 Solo discount for everyone who types in "Joe Knows" when they reserve their Solo.
The way it's worded in the video description is the opposite of the spirit and practice of transparency. I'm sorry but little things like that just bother me. How about you?

And yes, great video Joe and Chris.
Required listening... House of Lords - Can't find my way home
This version kicks. There's just no other way to describe it. Shivers.!
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