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Recipe Exhange Thread
I've decided to take the suggestion for a recipe thread.
Something to do while we wait between releases of good news and progress.
It should be fun and be gastronomically beneficial. Production is so near, I can almost taste it.

Let's put those years of culinary experience to good use.

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This version kicks. There's just no other way to describe it. Shivers.!
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Not a recipe, but a tip on the sous vide cooking method and Anova precision cooker that allows you to perfectly cook a steakhouse quality steak or chop.

Your favorite cut of meat cooked to your preferred R,MR,M,MW, or W cook temperature edge to edge and finish seared for 30-45 seconds per side in a screaming hot cast iron skillet or BBQ Grill.
Best Steaks, chops, and seafood ever.......and I'm an old school fry cook and baker.  I was skeptical, but it is my favorite cooking appliance.
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I can prep the recipe, but after it is done there is no option for me to use it in any restaurant. Am I missing something?

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