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Vancouver Auto Show
(04-15-2017, 09:15 PM)Rickb Wrote: The one tidbit of info I had hoped for was:  "The Solo is USA compliance certified".  The Compliance Testing results seem long overdue and without certification nothing else matters.

I don't think that can be scheduled. The CEO says that's progressing and there was a glitch of the communication kind. I expect results soon. I imagine if anything is not up to specs it will be remedied and retested and sooner or later will be approved. InterMeccanica has been going through such processes for many years. There's no doubt about eventual success. There's just no certainty of instant success although that's how they planned it. The car was designed and built to pass certification. There could be differences of opinion but there shouldn't be any show-stoppers. The worst  case is that there will be delay of ~a month and I will get my Solo in summer 2018 instead of the middle of winter... In the extreme the company could run out of money waiting but I think they have good enough backing to tolerate a delay of modest proportions.
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