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Jerry Kroll to Attend Chat 6 Feb for Q&A - IMPORTANT
(02-07-2017, 01:41 PM)flying_solo Wrote:
(02-07-2017, 12:38 PM)Rickb Wrote: Jerry was responsive and kind enough to spend time answering 20 questions.

Yes, responsive and kind enough to turn at least one Solo enthusiast (me) into a former Solo enthusiast.
I can appreciate that since I felt the same about Paul Elio (who never took the time) as a former Elio enthusiast.  Good luck out there, simply no real choices for me beyond the Solo and/or the SRK.  

I'm choosing to wait a year to see how the Solo plays out, since there is nothing to lose.  I'm not planning to buy stock in the startup company.
SOLO #166 reservation refunded 12/14/2017.   OVER & OUT!  
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(02-07-2017, 12:26 PM)Rickb Wrote: Note:  Arcimoto's philosophy is providing little info until they are more certain of specs or answers to avoid false expectations.  There seems to be a lot of false expectations regarding the Solo.
Setting the effect of the January spec changes aside for a moment...

You know... I've been able to reflect a bit on the last two sentences of Rick's response.

Every three-wheeler start up in pre-production has yet to release extremely technically detailed vehicle specifications.
Not one has. So far with every single one of them, when asked, the answers are the general specifications or...
"We're still testing"... Or some combination of both. I do believe that they have valid reasons for that.

And with all of these vehicles, there have been minor and sometimes major changes on the way to production.
Those changes were either abruptly announced, or even unveiled without warning, in almost all cases.

Stepping back and looking at the last few years, almost all of these startups have given the impression...
That their at-the-time current version was all but production-ready at one time or another.

Here's something else I realized. None, save EMV have given a solid indication...
Of when their detailed specs will be both finalized and released to the public.
Several, including EMV, have given projected timelines for production...
But only EMV has said when they will release detailed specifications.
They've given a release date of between March 28 to April 2.

I really hate the phrase, but I can't think of any better way to say it at this time...
So here goes... Be it for better or worse... Just saying.
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Yes, for better or worse, however, based on previous failed startup relationships,  I'm not willing to hang around much longer than another year before the split, particularly if nothing happens between March 28 to April 2. Smile

I admit to having feelings for both EMV and Arcimoto. (Breaking Up is Hard to Do playing softly in the background)
SOLO #166 reservation refunded 12/14/2017.   OVER & OUT!  
I guess that I have been misreading and mis-hearing. I had thought that I had seen clearly laid out claims for performance, weight, price, size, shape, features, production dates, etc from each of the trike startups. Each of them have changed their claims, missed their dates, and waffled on their answers.

Each of them has had some good ideas and admirable qualities. Whether due to incompetence, malice, or just the enormity of the task, they have all succeeded in lowering my expectations to negligible levels. I will be suitably impressed if or when any of them make it to small-scale production. I will be amazed if any of them make it to large-scale production.

Even at competitive market prices, we are talking about big-ticket items. It's fine with me to watch others be the guinea pigs this time around.
I'm done.
(02-07-2017, 04:20 PM)flying_solo Wrote: I guess that I have been misreading and mis-hearing.
Not that I'm aware of. [Image: becky.gif]
Required listening... House of Lords - Can't find my way home
This version kicks. There's just no other way to describe it. Shivers.!
Disclaimer: No false statistics were supported, displayed or harmed in the making of this post.
So Long as EMV continues to show tangible signs of production progress with builds and testing, I'm good and hanging around for awhile with no risk nothing to lose and chats with Forum friends.  The more testing and improvements made to the Signature Series (within a realistic period of time) the fewer problems I will experience as a voluntary guinea pig looking for a fun ride.
SOLO #166 reservation refunded 12/14/2017.   OVER & OUT!  
(02-06-2017, 08:19 PM)Manfred Sieg Wrote:
(02-06-2017, 04:02 PM)DiscjockeyDale Wrote:
(02-06-2017, 01:10 PM)Manfred Sieg Wrote: I won't be able to make I tonight but have a question for Jerry   .
Since the door  is on the left ( curb side ) can the door on the right be opened  from the inside at least . This could be a safty issue if you end  up  in a ditch and can't open the door. Or is there at least the option to have it as a working door.

Red Solo #13
If you're inside and facing toward the front of the Solo, which is the standard reference for naming right and left sides of vehicles, the functional door is on the right.
We had asked that question a few months ago and were told that the left door will not be able to be opened from the outside (no handle) OR from the inside.
Several  of our members indicated that this was for North American compliance. EMV chose to make the right door functional to prevent occupants from stepping into traffic.
The compliance  reportedly had to do with the seat belt not being able to keep the occupant in the vehicle in the event that the left door came open at speed or in an accident.
With the configuration of the attachment points, the seat belt in theory will contain the occupant in the vehicle if the right door were to come open under those conditions.
We were told that until further notice this would continue to be the North American configuration and no option would be available for opening the left door.
The configuration will be reversed in models that will be sold in countries in which the curb side is opposite of the North American curb side.

Can the left door (North America) be owner modified? If I were EMV, I'd be hesitant to answer that due to possible liability concerns.

Thanks . 
I see a lot of vehicles in the ditch every  winter. And if it was the Solo you wouldn't be able to get out unless you try to climb out of the window if  you can't open the left door.
I think it's a legitimate concern since, in my experience, the curb side of the vehicle is usually the one that slides into the ditch.
I'll try to remember to ask Jerry if that's still going to be the configuration if you can't make the chat this coming Monday.

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