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EMVC Deposit Match
Electra Meccanica's program is important enough to merit a special place on
Electra Meccanica will honour your reservation with another manufacturing company for a Solo reservation.

Here's how it works...

- Go to
- Click on "Apply your receipt"
- Fill out the fields
- Attache your receipt (Proof - that you have a reservation for example with Tesla, Arcimoto, Elio, Nissan etc.).
  That can be a screenshot or a reservation letter with the reservation amount on it.
- Click submit
- They will get in touch with you shortly afterwards and you will have a Solo reservation without paying any more money.

From Electra Meccanica...
"We will honour your deposit/reservation amount of up to $1,000 made on any car so you can drive Solo instead.
So, your money isn’t gone if you decide to go SOLO."

Also, don't forget the new EMV page where you can check for your vehicle number and delivery date!

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